The Digital Archive of Z. Charles Dziura

Session One

The adventure kicks off in the city of Solis, known as the Pearl of the Inner Sea and one of the largest and most important cities within the Holy Cyrenian Empire, with each of our adventurers hunting for work. Whether looking to acquire wealth or knowledge, or seeking an adventure for the ages, they are looking for a challenge in need of solving; and find one they do! Independently of one another, each of the adventurers come across a job board advertising an "exciting job offer" outside of the city. Readers are encouraged to seek out an individual named Iashoon Stetzk at the Governor's Daugher — an inn found within Solis' Oldtown district. Dutifully, the adventurers make their way to the advertised destination.

One after the other, they all arrive at the inn: Anixu, a human Wizard; Myra, a half-elf Paladin; Elnarana, a moon-elf Bard; Xavier, a human Monk; Atticus, a half-elf Ranger; and Alfred, a human Warlock and protegé of an arch-fey. They are directed by the innkeeper, a female human named <INSERT_NAME_HERE>, towards a room in the back, where they are each greeted by a male infernal tiefling and another male, this one being a human. The tiefling introduces himself and his companion to the group as the one-and-only Iashoon Stetzk and his "business associate" Jerry Riggs. They sit down together, order drinks and food, and Stetzk begins to explain the job:

Within the demesne of the city, on the southern portion of the Solis Peninsula, resides an old manor house. Several decades back, this manor used to be the home of a demonic cult who would kidnap and sacrifice innocent victims for dark and unknown reasons. This cult was dealt with, and many of its members were put to the hangman's noose; however, the leaders of the cult were never discovered, though are presumed dead as the kidnappings and murders stopped after the cult members were captured.

Until now.