The Digital Archive of Z. Charles Dziura


In the beginning, there was Nothing.

No darkness, no light; no dreams or thought or ideas; no space or matter or time. All was a Void of Emptiness, everywhere and nowhere all at once. And from this Void, a consciousness was born; and It called Itself Ao, the Over-God of the Multiverse. From Ao's manifestation, time, space, and matter sprung forth to fill It. Ao spread out into the Void, and all was chaos and without form.

For an unending lifetime, Ao crafted Its matter into new forms. The first stars were forged into existance, bringing light to Ao's vastness. Humungous, gaseous planets circled these new stars, forming the beginnings of the cosmic dance. Illuminated by starlight, vast oceans of matter glow in a rainbow of color and divine beauty. But no matter how much Ao created, It still felt empty. As the only conscious being, Ao grew lonely and sad. Thus, Ao set out to create new beings in Its image.

The first of Ao's creations came to be known as the Old Gods. Countless many were created, as formless and vast as Their Creator. Many attempted to forge their own creations, whereas others sought out others to consume for more power. This cycle of creation and destruction led to conflict and war between the Old Gods, with only a handful surviving: Atropus, the One Born Dead; Dendar, the Night Serpent; C'thulhu, the Great Old One; Bolothamogg, Him Who Watches Beyond the Stars; Ilsensine, the Elder Brain; Caiphon, the Dream Whisperer; and Kezef, the Ravager of Heavens.

Ao despaired over Its creations' conflict and resolved to step in and end the conflict Itself should the Old Gods become too powerful. However, as the saying goes, "Life finds a way", and even the clash of the Old Gods couldn't stop miracles from happening.

Somewhere within Ao's vastness, in the swirling clouds of matter and stars, a lifeform unlike any that had come before came to be. She called herself Chauntea, and unlike Her sibblings, She was neither vast nor formless. She was small, which helped to keep Her presence hidden from all but Ao. Her true powers came in the form of unparalleled creative potential, which She put to use bringing form and structure to Ao's vastness. Under Her guidance, the cosmos were organized into the shape we see them today: different Planes of Reality rotating about one another in a great dance, populated with other beings of Her creation. Such was her love of creation and life, and such too was Ao's love for Its daughter.

But the Old Gods soon took notice and vied for the destruction of Chauntea's creations. Ao would not stand to see such beauty be destroyed, and finally stepped into the great conflict to put an end to the destruction. One by one, Ao sundered each of Its creations from reality and flung them into the Void; all except for Atropus, the mightiest of the Old Gods. It was in Atropus that Ao found Its greatest challenge.

Over the ages, Atropus had corrupted and consumed much of the reality that was Ao. So much so that He had become nearly as integral a part of Ao as Chauntea. Thus, in order to defeat Atropus and keep Its favorite creation safe, Ao sundered Itself into seven beings known as the Aspects of Ao. Together, They could do what Ao could not, and after a great and terrible struggle, They cut the heart from Atropus and flung the rest of Him into the Void, where he could no longer become a threat.

From then on, with Her creations no longer under threat, Chauntea continued creating and shaping the cosmos into the form that we are familiar with today. She created several of her own offspring, those divine beings which we know as the Gods, which she put in charge of watching, maintaining, and nurturing Her creations. She grew pleased when the Gods set about trying Their hand at forging their own creations as well, feeling the same love and adoration for them as Ao had done for Chauntea.

When Her work was deemed to be complete and in the safe care of the Seven Aspects, Chauntea laid down to rest after an eternity of shaping the cosmos. She found a comfortable spot, between the places she had called the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos, and Her form disolved away to form what would come to be known as the Prime Material plane: Chauntea's last and greatest creation. It is from her bossom that all mortal life has flourished, and where the Gods watch vigilantly to maintain the balance. Outwards from there, maintaining constant vigilance, the Seven Aspects of Ao stand vanguard over the multiverse, ready to repel the lingering threat of the Old Gods lurking in the Void beyond.